Who doesn't love some Red Hairs!!👏👏👏
Alexis Texas and her neighbor investigating the noise up in the attic, but there's a mattress? 😱
Who wants to be my Christian Grey?
You wanna skeet yo shit? aim away from my face! #ew #nofacialneeded
Deleted again for the millionth time 😒 Seriously getting dispirited about this. I might actually just quit completely
Quick snack
Happy my face there I dont like show that people be doing fake account on tumblr with my video but take guys I do this for ya😂😂happy
I hope u like that guys killl thay black girl I dont like show my face cuase people to fake account on tumblr buy happy lookmyface there😒
Arm Candy - so stinking cute; and I didn't even realize that he's following me lol 😍