Excuse my stretch marks but here is the first video of me fucking my ass with the brush
Have to be up in less tha 3 hours then I have to travel for 2 hours then go on a 14 mile walk, I'm going to be knackered 😔
THREE… TWO… ONE… GO!!!  …THE FLYING DILDO…  (w/ Johnny Knoxville & Rick Kosick)  [from "Jackass 3D"] FOLLOW for the BEST OF #JackassTheVault
"LOOKIT THAT TUSH, MOMMA…"  …90 YEARS OLD…  (w/ Johnny Knoxville)  [Season 3]   #DirtyOldMan  #JackassTheVault
Any couples or girls want to VM with us? We want to play 👅👅
When you know its as good as it looks 😉
Guess what sound that is ;)
What do you al wanna see me do?;)
Cat pull ups
Who wants I but me some sex toys?;) as I have no money...😔
I'm going to try very hard to not get this account deleted which means I'll be deleting vines as a I make them